Friday, April 20, 2012

Picnic Wedding Inspiration

Fancy doing a little something different, a little more relaxed maybe and low key. If you love outdoors and are thinking of having a summer wedding then why not have a Picnic themed wedding

Here at this ceremony all the guest are sitting on blankets with beautiful picnic basket floral arrangements to add some extra colour to the outdoors

Red and White Check straight away makes you think "picnic time"! just think of all the wonderful touches you can add to your day and of course what day would be complete without strawberries and cream...

After the ceremony you could use picnic blankets and number them in the same way you would a table 

I love this idea of a tea/lemonade bar, draped with blankets to give it that picnic feel

Add a touch of yellow instead by using sunflowers, stunning flowers  and picnic basket favours add a nice finishing touch

Each numbered blanket have their own picnic basket for the guests to enjoy.

Or you could do a mix and match effect, picnic blankets but with a buffet lunch or BBQ or Hog Roast, whatever takes your fancy really. Let your imagination do the work.

Decorate the outdoors with bunting and paper lanterns and you have the perfect wedding venue.